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Microsoft Access

Contact us now if you are looking for highly experienced Microsoft Access developers to create or modify a custom database application for your company; we have what you are looking for. We've worked with MS Access versions as old as version 2.0.

Since its release in 1992 Microsoft Access has come a long way. MS Access is a great tool for developing small to medium size database applications. It can easily handle several users accessing the database simultaneously. In recent years, the ability to use MSDE or SQL Express with MS Access as a front end has made Access even more useful for larger database needs. If you think that MS Access cannot handle your needs, or you are considering work in another database language, contact us to find out how we can help. If you have tried to tackle putting a program together yourself and found it a little intimidating, contact us. MS Access is a tried and true development tool and can do considerably more than most people realize.

Here are some reasons why you should contact us:

  • We have substantial experience in writing applications that work with:
    • 3rd party tools (like faxing software, scanners and signature capturing hardware)
    • MS SQL, MySQL, MSDE and SQL Express - where the Access Jet database is just not robust enough for your needs
    • MS Word, Excel and Outlook
  • We have worked with companies all over the United States, and our customers range from very small one person operations to very large international corporations.
  • Our client base is very diverse, ranging from law firms to produce producers, service centers to scientific research facilities.
  • We are the people you work with. We don't outsource our projects or hire unskilled employees. You work directly with us on each project.
  • If you are still running MS Access applications that were designed in older versions of MS Access (2.0, 97, etc.) we can upgrade your applications to whatever newer version you'd like to use. This will allow you to take full advantage of the latest built-in features of newer versions of MS Access, and it's connectivity to other Microsoft products.

Click here for our contact information. You can also fill out our contact form with your information and project details. We'd be happy to review your project and get back to you promptly.